Submitting a Police Report

Please follow the instructions below to file an online report. You will need to download Adobe Reader 11.0 or higher.  The fields on the form that are bordered in red are required. By submitting an online report, you are agreeing to the following:

  • The information you are providing is true and to the best of your knowledge all times, dates and locations are as accurate as possible.
  • You understand that you will not receive a case number until your report has been submitted and reviewed by the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety Staff. If necessary, you will provide any additional information that the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety requires to enable them to investigate or process your report.
  • You understand that not all crimes are investigated and that submitting this report does not ensure that this crime will be investigated. You understand that you may be charged for a copy of this report and that requests for a report copy are fulfilled through the U.S. mail.

Click YES  to agree to the above and create an online report.

Click NO if you disagree with the above.