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1C Click the image to see more examples of inclusive playgrounds
You can also view this link to learn more about inclusive playgrounds:

Click the image to see more examples of splash pads.
splash pad

Click the image to see more examples of community gathering space
community gathering

Click the image to see more examples of community gardens. 
community garden

Click the image to see more examples of park beautification. 
park beautification

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playground theme



What is this grant?

This is a competitive grant through Statewide Park Program funded by Proposition 68 (2018)

Project can be for up to 8.5 million dollars

This is the 4th and final round of funding, last round average project was $4M and only 60 of 460 projects were funded.

Why was Alicia Park chosen as the location for this project?

Alicia Park was chosen as it is the only park within Rohnert Park to meet the minimum qualifications. 

Minimum Qualifications (Alicia Park Site)
Within a half mile radius of the project site
Median household Income < $56,000  ($45,000)
Less than 3 acres parkland per 1,000 residents (1.2 acres per 1,000)

How is the community involved in this project

It is a requirement of the grant application that the community be engaged throughout the process.

Beginning back in October 2020, several outreach meetings were held both in person at Alicia Park, and virtually through Zoom. We received input from community members of all ages including students at John Reed Elementary School, adults, families and seniors.

As a result of these meetings we were able to determine the most popular elements for the park project included an inclusive playground, slash pad, community gathering area, and community garden. 

We are now looking to the community again to help us design these elements to tell us more about how you want to see these elements in your park. If you are interested in providing feedback please participate in our Build Your Dream Park Project above. 

If you have additional questions please contact Cindy Bagley - Deputy Director of Community Services  at 707-588-3456 or at [email protected]
For more information on the grant we are applying for please click here