Rohnert Park Offers Families Free Tax Help

Rohnert Park Offers Families Free Tax Help
Earn it! Keep it! Save it! (EKS) is an anti-poverty program offered by the United Way in Rohnert Park. It provides free tax assistance and financial education to low- and moderate-income families. With tax season well underway, IRS-certified volunteers are ready to serve Rohnert Park residents.

The program provides families that earn $70,000 or less access to the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). In the past, over 200 families in Rohnert Park have each received over $2,000 back on their taxes at no cost. Low-income individuals are also eligible. The average income of those receiving the Tax Credit is $28,000/year.

EKS is offered Tuesday evenings at the Rohnert Park Health Center on State Farm Drive. To make an appointment–in English or Spanish–residents should call 2-1-1.

EKS is a great program to support low-income working families by bringing dollars directly to them. It helps reduce hunger and homelessness while providing financial education and support. The program also helps our local businesses by bringing in funds that are spent locally. One step at a time, the City of Rohnert Park is continuing to seek solutions to improve the health and well- being of individuals within their community.

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