The Finance Director/City Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the City. Responsibilities include:

  • Provides financial information and advice to City Council and Staff
  • Preparation of the City's annual budget
  • Preparation of the City's audited financial statements
  • Investment of idle City funds
  • Monitors collection of revenue
  • Monitors expenditure of funds
  • Administers self-insured employee benefit programs

The Finance Department is responsible for utility billing, animal and business licensing, collections, accounts payable, investments, budgetary control, financial reporting, payroll and purchasing. The department also provides support to the Redevelopment Successor Agency, the Rohnert Park Foundation, the Rent Appeals Board, and the Rohnert Park Financing Authority.

In addition to the responsibilities above, the Department performs feasibility studies and investment analyses, prepares long-term financial projections, assists with financial studies, and evaluates the cost of additional employee benefits for negotiations.