Here's what LRP graduates are saying about LRP!

“The values, tools, experiences and friendships I gained here are invaluable. I walked in scared, voiceless, and feeling alone. I walked out empowered. Coro helped me find my voice.”

"We are a motivated group of leaders that needed a place to come together and develop ourselves.”       

"Coro gave me insights on how the City functions where I previously had none. I use the knowledge I gain every day"

"The experiential nature of the sessions leaves you absorbing information and insight without realizing how much you are learning. And all the while, I was connecting with Rohnert Park in new and very meaningful way."

"I was pushed out of my comfort zone in many ways, but I’ve connected with my community on a deeper level."

"The Program was a life-changing experience. It helped me to learn about our community. It also challenged me to find the areas of need that I could participate in and possibly change for the better."