Development Services

The Development Services Department includes the Planning, Engineering, Building and Code Compliance divisions. The Department reviews all development applications to ensure consistency with the City's Municipal Code and adopted standards, administers the City's Capital Improvement Program and administers the City's Code Compliance Program.

The Department is emphasizing electronic permitting and telecommunication technology.
The matrix below summarizes how to access our services.

Web Portal Email Telephone 
[email protected] (707) 588-2231
Engineering coming soon [email protected] (707) 588-2232
Building - General Building Inquiries Online Inspection
Request Portal
[email protected] (707) 588-2240
Building - General Inspection Questions and Requests & Automated Inspection Requests Online Inspection
Request Portal
Bui[email protected] (707) 585-6719
Building - Obtain an online account as a licensed contractor to apply for a permit Online Inspection
Request Portal
[email protected] (707) 585-6719
Code Compliance Reach Rohnert Park [email protected] (707) 588-2249