Permits, Forms & Fees

Applicants need to complete the appropriate forms, pay relevant fees, follow guidelines, and abide by City Codes and ordinances.  Project applicants are encouraged to meet with staff and submit plans for pre-application review prior to filing a formal application for a discretionary permit.  A meeting with staff from various divisions before any formal application is made can provide valuable direction and guidance to project proponents that can streamline their future application submittals.  Please refer to the Project Forms, Guides and Guidelines section below to obtain specific application and project submittal information.

Application Fees

Fees/deposits listed in the Fee Schedule below are generally standardized to cover applications for all projects. Some projects may be determined by the Planning Manager to be unusually complex and consuming of staff time. The Planning Manager is authorized to require additional deposits for estimated staff and consultant costs at the time of the application. Where a standard fee has been paid, the Planning Manager is also authorized to require deposits to cover costs of extraordinary staff effort.

An Acknowledgement of Reimbursement Obligation for payment of full cost recovery fees for application processing and Inspection Services ("Reimbursement Obligation Form") is required for most permits as listed in the Notes section by the indication of the number 2. This form must be executed in conjunction with applications for these services and/or permits.