Zoning is the process by which the City of Rohnert Park is divided into "districts" identified by particular land use types, such as residential, commercial, and industrial.  Section 17.06 of the Zoning Ordinance includes a description of the land use districts and identifies what types of uses would be allowed in each area. Subsequent sections explain how such uses are to be developed and operated. The locations of these districts are shown on an official map of the City, which is referred to as the "Zoning Map".

The "Zoning Ordinance" is the document that establishes the various Zoning Districts, identifies those uses that may be allowed in each district, and provides the regulations and standards that pertain to the development and operation of those uses.  In the City of Rohnert Park, the Zoning Ordinance is found in Title 17 of the Rohnert Park Municipal Code.

Chapter 17.10 of the Zoning Ordinance provides the development standards table that gives the required site area and dimensional requirements for lots within each district, including maximum building heights, minimum building setbacks, minimum open space requirements, floor area ratios, and maximum lot coverages.