Downtown Rohnert Park

Downtown  Downtown Map

A plan for Central Rohnert Park was developed and approved in 2016.  The plan calls for the development of a Downtown Rohnert Park.

The overarching idea of the Central Rohnert Park Plan was to create a place in the City that can be identified as the heart of the community. The Plan included an extensive public outreach strategy to seek input from Rohnert Park residents, businesses, property owners, regional agency representatives, non-profit groups, City officials, City decision makers, and other key community stakeholders. Through this process, the community expressed the need for a downtown with the following qualities:  

  • Distinctive. Downtown should reflect the unique sense of place and traditions in Rohnert Park.
  • Compact and Walkable. The area around the new SMART rail station should be friendly to pedestrians and transit oriented.
  • Active and Mixed Use. Downtown should include a mix of housing options; specialty shopping; food and entertainment uses; parks, plazas, and recreation; transit services; and public amenities. 
  • Accessible. Downtown should be easily accessible to members of the surrounding community: local residents, employees, students, and visitors.
  • Business Oriented. The Downtown should be a thriving place of business, with a focus on businesses that support an active downtown environment

A downtown environment requires special regulations that would govern the design of the streetscapes and buildings in the district.  These could be provided by special design standards for the area.