A & B Sections Neighborhood Utility Improvement Project (CIP No. 2015 & 2221)

Project Overview:

The City of Rohnert Park has contracted Team Ghilotti to repair sewer mains, watermains, and pedestrian access ramps in the A&B Sections Neighborhood. The work will include repairing approximately 9,000 feet of sewer main, 2,600 feet of water main, and replacement of 19 pedestrian access ramps. The project will improve the reliability and capacity of our water and sewer system, reduce maintenance costs for the City, and ensure that utility services continue to meet the current and future demands of our residents and business community.

Project Map:

A & B Section Improvements

Project Elements to Consider:

  • Construction begins Late January/Early February 2024
  • Work Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am – 6pm, excluding City holidays.
  • Impacts include temporary single lane closures, temporary no parking, construction related noise, odor and dust.

Project Schedule Updates:

  • The Contractor is currently:
    • Renovating the lower sewer laterals, installing cleanouts in the sidewalk, and restoring the sidewalks in the “A” Section Neighborhood.
    • Will begin renovating the sewer mains on the street using cured in placed pipe technology (CIPP). The pipe curing process will generate a plastic smell which is not dangerous, per the MTC Manufacturer.
    • Contractor is required to notify residents via door hangers in advance of any work in the street and public right of way.
  • Impacts include temporary single lane closures, temporary, temporary sidewalk closures, temporary no parking, and construction related noise, smells and dust.
  • The Contractor is renovating the lower sewer laterals, installing cleanouts in the sidewalk, and restoring the sidewalks in the “B” Section Neighborhood.
  • The Contractor will begin renovating sewer mains via open trench on Boris Court and Bobbie Lane

Estimated Time Schedule:

Construction to begin in January 2024 and extend through November 2024

Project Contacts:

Dave Latona, Alpha CM Construction Manager, Consultant with the City of Rohnert Park, 707-337-6768

Joe Moreira, Team Ghilotti General Manager, Contractor, 707-763-8700

Julian De Anda, Project Engineer, City of Rohnert Park, 707-588-3317

Project Contact:

Dave Latona
Construction Manager
City of Rohnert Park

Joe Moreira
Team Ghilotti General Manager

Julian De Anda
Project Engineer
City of Rohnert Park