Construction & Maintenance Projects Out to Bid

Construction and major maintenance projects that are "public projects" as defined by the California Public Contracts Code are bid competitively, either through formal bid procedures or informal bid procedures through California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (Section 22000 of the Public Contract Code).  As required by the Public Contracts Code, contracts, if awarded, shall be made to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder whose bid complies with the specified requirements as outlined in the contract documents.

Other maintenance projects that do not fall under the Public Contracts Code definition of "public projects" are let through procedures prescribed in the City's Purchasing Policy.

Construction and maintenance projects currently out to bid, or recently bid, are listed below.  Click on the project name to access additional information about projects, including notice inviting bids, bid documents, and bid results.

Maintenance Projects

No capital construction projects are being solicited for bids at this time.

Preparing Your Bid

Please read all bid and proposal forms carefully to be sure you can comply with all the requirements before bidding. Bid documents contain important information regarding the Bid Security, Submission of Bids, Prevailing Wages, Award of Contract, Contract Bonds, Business License, Contractor's License, Insurance Forms, and more. If the material is unclear or other complications arise, contact the City as soon as possible; do not wait until the date of the bid opening. Unless otherwise specified in the Bid Proposal, bids MUST be received no later than the Date and Time specified in the Bid Proposal.

To assist you in preparing your bid documents so they conform with current City Standards, please refer to the City of Rohnert Park's Construction Standards (Manual of Standards, Details & Specifications), which is available through the following link:  Manual of Standards

Disclaimer: The City of Rohnert Park is not liable for damages or costs incurred in connection with the use of, or any reliance upon, any information contained herein. The information provided herein is subject to typographical error in the transcribing or printing of its contents. Information is intended only as a notification of available bidding opportunities. When discrepancies occur, the information contained in the bid documents shall prevail.

Get on Bidders List for Informal Bidding (CUPCCAA)

If you would like to be included in the City's list of qualified bidders for notification of Informal Bids, please go the following link: California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act Information (Informal Bidding Procedures).