When reporting problems with traffic signals, please report the following information:Traffic signal

  1. Intersection and cross street
  2. Direction of travel
  3. Color of malfunctioning signal light
  4. Overhead arm or corner pole
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  • The Golf Course/Redwood intersection received an overlap by installing 5-section signal heads. This allows people to turn right onto Golf Course without stopping during Golf Course left turns onto Redwood because they now have a green arrow. 12-9-19
  • Golf Course/101S off-ramp signal timing has extended to allow more people to get off the freeway and into town faster. 12-23-19
  • New vehicle detection cameras at the Golf Course/Hillview & the Golf Course/Snyder intersections have been installed and are now operating. 1-8-20
  • At the Golf Course/Roberts Lake intersection we added a 7 second advanced walk to get pedestrians across the intersection more safely. 1-9-20
  • Pedestrians crossing East/West at the Commerce/Hunter intersection received a 5 second advanced walk time. 1-13-20
  • The Golf Course/Fairway intersection had a faulty detection camera and was causing longer wait times for drivers. 1-16-20
  • New vehicle detection cameras have been installed along Rohnert Park Expressway at the Country Club & San Simeon intersections and are now operating effectively. 1-17-20
  • The signal timing at the intersection of Golf Course/Snyder has been updated. It should feel a little faster now. 1-30-20
  • New vehicle detection cameras have been installed along Rohnert Park Expressway at the State Farm & Commerce intersections and are now operating effectively. 1-31-20
  • The intersection of Rohnert Park Expressway & Kerrrington has been added to our advanced traffic management system (ATMS). 2-7-20
  • At the intersection of Rohnert Park Expressway & Country Club we are looking into add right turn overlaps onto Country Club. This allows people to make right turns onto Country Club without stopping if Country Club's phases are active. 1-24-20
  • We are in talks about adding yellow reflective tape to All Rohnert Park traffic signals to enhance visibility. 2-5-20
  • Plans to add the intersections of Rohnert Park Expressway & Kerry, Rohnert Park Expressway & Knight, and Snyder & Circulo Grande to the ATMS are now in place. 2-7-20
  • Golf Course & Fairway are getting bike/cart crossing buttons to give both more time to cross. (Both are detected by our vehicle detection cameras.) 2-13-20
  • Vehicle detection is a system that makes intersections operate better by telling the computer where vehicles are in relation to the intersection (if they are waiting or approaching), which then lets the computer know to give that vehicle a green light. This is why, on approaching an empty intersection, the light will sometimes turn green before the vehicle has actually reached the intersection.
  • Video: The City of Rohnert Park employs video vehicle detection at a vast majority of its intersections. Our video detection in Rohnert Park is very precise. It will detect cars, golf carts, and even bicycles using a combination of video feed and radar to limit missed detection. These vehicle detection cameras DO NOT store video because its only purpose is to alter the intersection's computer that a vehicle has arrived or is arriving and will need a green light soon.
  • Loops: An older technology used for vehicle detection are in ground loops. Loops are generally a 3 to 6 foot square, rectangle, or circle that detect vehicles by sensing the metal in the vehicles. You may notice them near intersection approaches. That is what those squares in the asphalt do.

Video Detection System

  • Have you ever wondered what those yellow ribbons are around the traffic signals? Well, you aren’t seeing things. Those yellow marks are reflective yellow tape to help better outline the traffic signals. This method helps with making the signal heads highly visible at night, so if the signals lose power (like during a power shut off), cars will see the reflective tape and hopefully realize they are approaching a signal at that point.

Traffic Signal Yellow Ribbon