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In April 2022, the City made an investment in the future of Rohnert Park by purchasing 6400 State Farm Drive. With this purchase, we committed to building a downtown to provide a sense of community and place for Rohnert Park. 

A Downtown Rohnert Park will create a vibrant, mixed-use district that is walkable, inclusive, and full of economic opportunity. We will provide a range of housing options accessible to a diversity of incomes, and cultivate a unique public realm of streets, parks, and plazas that celebrates art and local food/beverages.

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Downtown Rohnert Park Site Map (Conceptual)

The idea of a "Downtown Rohnert Park" has been a vision of the community since 2014. The community's vision for a downtown is a walkable, mixed-use district with 300-500 residential units; food, beverage, and art destinations; a signature upscale hospitality venue; and a rich and interesting public realm consisting of walkable streets and a central community square.

We are pleased to share our community's vision with you!

Site Map Concept - Downtown Rohnert Park

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