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The Rohnert Park General Plan is a document required by State law and adopted by the City Council that is a comprehensive, long-term plan for the physical development and growth of the city.  It is the city's "constitution" for development; the framework within which decisions on how to grow, provide public services and facilities and protect and enhance the environment are made. 


The land use framework of the General Plan is embodied in the General Plan Diagram, a graphic representation of the themes and policies in the Plan.  The General Plan Diagram designates the proposed general location, distribution, and extent of land use throughout the City.


The Planning Division is responsible for regularly updating the City's General Plan Housing Element.  The purpose of the Housing Element is to make adequate provisions for the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community and to determine how the city will meet its fair share of regional housing needs.  The California Department of Housing and Community Development has found that the most recent update, adopted by the City Council in November of 2014, is in full compliance with State Housing Element Law.  See Chapter 9 of the General Plan, 8th Edition above.