Here's what LRP graduates are saying about LRP!

“The values, tools, experiences and friendships I gained here are invaluable. I walked in scared, voiceless, and feeling alone. I walked out empowered. Coro helped me find my voice.”

"We are a motivated group of leaders that needed a place to come together and develop ourselves.”

"Coro gave me insights on how the City functions where I previously had none. I use the knowledge I gain every day"

"I was pushed out of my comfort zone in many ways, but I’ve connected with my community on a deeper level."

"I feel more confident to engage in difficult decisions and am more aware of my own strengths and weaknessess."

"...facilitating meetings is much more natural." "I am more calm when it comes to disagreements."

"I have more of an ability to try to understand the goals of an individual even if it means disagreeing with their point of view..."

"...the diversity of the group really was refreshing. It's important to see a wide range of perspectives and use tools in that environment"

"It improved the way I think about literally everything."