Flood Control Maps (SCWA)

In Rohnert Park, Sonoma Water performs periodic channel maintenance activities which may include sediment removal, debris removal, and vegetation maintenance. Though initially designed and built as constructed channels to move stormwater and other runoff through and away from developed land, the waterways that traverse the City are thought of by many as creeks -- assets with value beyond storm water conveyance.  Responding to this changing attitude, Sonoma Water is moving away from the dredging and clearing activities of the past, and has developed a Stream Maintenance Program that is its new channel maintenance regime.  Follow this link for more on the Stream Maintenance Program on Sonoma Water's website:

Link to Stream Maintenance Information

See Zone 1A for Map of Sonoma Water streams in Rohnert Park. Sonoma Water maintains approximately 75 miles of engineered flood control channels in Sonoma County. Stream maintenance activities support a proactive regional approach to flood protection and stream and wildlife habitat restoration.