Alcoholic Beverage Service Ordinance

Explanation of ABSO Ordinance

 The City of Rohnert Park ordinance Section 8.34.030 applies to all businesses that sell alcohol in Rohnert Park.  This ordinance creates conditions and requirements upon the local alcohol sales licensees. The ordinance requires each owner or licensee of a new alcohol establishment to secure a use permit to engage in the sale of alcoholic beverages within the city.  The permit requires the business owner to comply with operational standards and training requirements as conditions of the permit. 

How Do I Obtain an ABSO Permit?

An application for a use permit for an alcoholic beverage establishments is required by this ordinance. The application shall be accompanied by an application fee of $250.00.

The permit issued by the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety will be sent to you immediately upon receipt of the annual fee and in advance of the required training.  An annual permit fee will be imposed on all alcohol beverage establishments in order to provide the revenue necessary to fund the cost incurred by the Public Safety Department to monitor compliance, enforce the conditions of the permit, and implement programs that promote responsible policies and practices of businesses engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages.  This includes funding for the educational and prevention programs.  The new use permit establishes standards of operation for licensed alcohol establishments in order to promote successful business practices compatible with healthy economic growth, community safety, and quality of life for Rohnert Park residents.

What Will We Pay and How Are the Fees Determined?

Fees vary according to the level of risk the establishment poses to the community.  The level of risk is determined by factoring in law enforcement activity, volume of alcohol sales, and hours of operation at each outlet. An annual fee funds RBS training and law enforcement compliance checks.

There is a minimum fee of $75, and a maximum fee of $700.  The annual use permit fee is assessed for each alcoholic beverage establishment on a sliding scale based upon:

     This is the criteria followed in determining the 2021 fees:







    No later than 10pm


    0 to $100K




    No later than midnight


    $100,001-$300 K




    No later than 2 am


    Over $300K





     The annual fee is being billed directly by the Department of Public Safety on or before the 1st day of January of each year.  The fee is due and payable immediately upon receipt.

    What Training Is Required and What Does This Mean to My Business?

    The Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety will no longer be offering classes as you will now be able to have your employees complete an ABC-approved online course.

    Where do I find these approved RBS Training Courses?

    ABC has approved AB 1221 compliant RBS training courses from a variety of approved RBS training providers. ABC will be adding additional training provider courses as they are approved. Servers may search for approved RBS training providers via the RBS Portal. The approved in-person and online courses range from approximately 90 minutes to 4 hours in length.

    You can find more information regarding the ABC approved RBS courses at:

    Where Can I Find Information on the ABSO Ordinance?

    You can view a complete copy of the Chapter 8.34 - USE PERMITS FOR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE ESTABLISHMENTS at the City of Rohnert Park Municipal Code website.

    Whom Should I Contact at the Rohnert Park DPS?

    If you have questions, please contact us at (707) 584-2600, or by email [email protected].