The Streets Division is responsible for seasonal mowing of all undeveloped City-owned property and along public right-of-ways. High weeds are mowed to reduce fire danger, minimize obstruction of signs and cross-traffic, and enhance the appearance of roadsides and paths.

Weed Abatement of Commercial Properties

In accordance with City of Rohnert Park Ordinance No. 27, commercial and residential property owners are required annually to abate weeds growing on their property. Jurisdiction of the ordinance for commercial properties is handled by the Department of Public Works.

Owners who want to dispute removal of weeds may do so at public hearing scheduled yearly in the Spring. Announcement of the public hearing date is published in local newspapers and posted in City buildings. A letter to owners with copies of the resolution "….Declaring Weeds a Nuisance" stating weed abatement deadline date with a Notice to Destroy Weeds stating:

"City of Rohnert Park Weed Abatement Ordinance No. 27 of the City of Rohnert Park, the City Council passed a Resolution declaring that all weeds growing upon any private property or in any public street or alley, bearing seeds of a wingy or downy nature, or having attained such a large growth, and being dry, are a fire menace,or which are otherwise noxious, or dangerous, constitute a public nuisance, which nuisance must be abated by the destruction or removal thereof."

and an Authorization to Mow form are sent to owners.

Deadline to mow typically occurs between May 1 – June 30. Depending on the growing cycle of the weed season, owners may need to mow more than once.

Acceptable methods of weed abatement are mowing, spraying and discing. A site inspection will be performed following the abatement deadline date. If abatement is not done to the satisfaction of the site inspector; the City may undertake abatement and seek to recover costs.

Owners are encouraged to mow in accordance with the ordinance, as dry weeds pose a fire hazard. If the City performs required abatement an invoice will be sent to the owner as reimbursement for equipment and labor costs.