Storm Season Information and Resources

For storm resource information please call 707-588-3307 during business hours (9am-5pm) or Public Safety after hours at 707-584-2600.

Text "RPDPS" to 888-777 to sign up for Nixle Alerts and receive community updates, including storm and road closures. 

image of sandbags with text that reads "FREE SAND & BAGS AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS AT THE SANDBAG FILLING STATION IN THE PARKING LOT BEHIND THE CALLINAN SPORTS & FITNESS CENTER. 5405 SNYDER LN, ROHNERT PARK, CA 94928. OPEN 24/7 THROUGH THE RAINY SEASONResidents are limited to 25 bags per household. For questions on sandbag distribution, please call the Public Works Department at (707) 588-3307.

Sandbag fill station map: 
Google maps Callinan Sports and Fitness Center, 5405 Synder Ln. (rear of parking lot)

image of map to sandbag fill station

How to fill a sandbag



- Establish or review your emergency plan for your family and pets.

- Make roof repairs and fix leaks before the rain begins.

- Pick up leaf litter and yard clippings around your home.

- Use a broom to sweep your driveway and the gutter in front of your house, never rinse with a hose.

- Clear gutters of leaves and other debris. Compost or recycle appropriate yard debris in City-issued garden waste containers.

- Bring in outdoor furniture and move important indoor items to the highest floor possible.

- Move vehicles to higher ground; avoid parking near streams or creeks.

- Park your vehicles and place your waste containers one foot away from the curb so that stormwater can flow unobstructed.

- Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit and store in a safe, high place. Include a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies including necessary prescription medications.

- Identify potential home hazards and know how to secure or protect them before a flood.

- Be prepared to turn off electrical power when there is standing water, fallen power lines, or other hazards.

- Turn off gas and water supplies before you evacuate.

- Secure structurally unstable building materials.



Storm_flood_infographic "do you really know how deep the water is?"

Turn Around, Don’t Drown! Drive with caution; avoid driving or walking across flooded roads. Just 6 inches of moving water can knock down an individual and 24 inches of water can move a vehicle.

- If water has entered a garage or basement, do not walk through it.

- If you are asked to evacuate, disconnect all electrical appliances.

- Tune in to KCBS 740, KGO 810, or local TV/Radio channels for emergency advisories and instructions.

- Avoid downed power lines and broken gas lines