Residential Recycling

Curbside Recycling and Yard Waste

The City of Rohnert Park contracts with Recology to perform curbside recycling pickup from the residents and businesses of the City, 5 days a week, excluding some holidays. Your blue Recycling bin and green Yard Waste bin are picked up every week on your trash day. View the Pick-Up Schedule for your street's collection day.

Recycling Centers

You can take your household recyclables to private Recycling Centers located throughout the community, and even get cash for some materials. These centers collect and sort recyclables of all kinds in addition to paying for some items like glass, aluminum, tin and some plastics. Check the phone book or your Recycling Guide for a complete list. Centers near Rohnert Park include the following:

Used Oil Recycling

Don't dump that used motor oil! Recycle it! 

You can recycle used oil curbside by special appointment. To recycle used motor oil, you will have to sign up in advance, and you are required to use a special container provided by the hauler. You also must call ahead for pickup. Contact Recology at (800) 243-0291 to participate. 

Household Toxic Wastes

Creating a Safer Home