Curbside Recycling and Yard Waste

The City of Rohnert Park contracts with Recology. to perform curbside recycling pickup from the residents and businesses of the City, 5 days a week, excluding some holidays. Your blue Recycling bin and green Yard Waste bin are picked up every week on your trash day. View the Pick-Up Schedule for your street's collection day.


You can place all your recyclables in your blue Recycling bin.  These include paper, glass, plastic, plastic bags, cans and small electronics.  For more information about what you can and cannot place in your recycling bin, please see the Single Stream Recycling guidelines or contact Recology at (800) 243-0291.

Yard Waste

You can put more than yard clippings in your green Yard Waste bin.  In addition to landscape prunings, grass clippins and small tree branches, you can also put compostable items in your green bin.  These items include fruits and vegetables, old bread, pasta and rice, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters, and eggshells.  Please do not place non-compostable items, such as meats, cooking oils, dairy products or other refuse, in the green yard waste bin.  For more information about what you can and cannot place in your yard waste bin, please see the Yard Waste Recycling guidelines or call Recology at (800) 243-0291.