Water Production / Supply

Water supply
Water Supply

Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA)
The main source of drinking water for the City of Rohnert’s Park comes from the Sonoma County Water Agency. Most of the SCWA’s water originates from the Russian River. Approximately 70% of the City’s water is supplied by SCWA.

City of Rohnert Park Groundwater
The remaining 30% is supplied by a series of groundwater wells located throughout the City that are supplied by the local aquifer.

These combined sources supply an average of 1.7 billion gallons of drinking water annually and a daily production average of 4.7 mgd (million gallons per day).

Additionally, Rohnert Park has seven water storage tanks with a total capacity of approximately five million gallons of treated water.

The Water Production Division operates and maintains water storage, pumping, and treatment facilities throughout the water system located within City of Rohnert Park. This division includes five Certified Water Treatment Operators.