Researching Property Lines

Once on the GIS web-site;

Turn on the Subdivision layer and click within a magenta polygon which the property in question is bounded by. If the property in question is not within one of the magenta polygons then the property lines are graphically shown once a zoom level is obtained using the Zoom option by selecting the magnifier icon and drag a window around the vicinity of the property in order to zoom in close enough to automatically turn on the Parcels layer. Turn on the Aerials – 2000 1/4ft B&W layer.

For an example, we will research the property located on 100 Avram Avenue (The Tudors) as seen on the attached screen shot, notice the property is selected.

Assuming the property is within a magenta polygon and the polygon has been selected (by clicking it), next click the Report button which is on the menu bar across the top of the map and a dialogue box appears with a Subdivision Report available. Select the Subdivision Report and select OK, then a list of Subdivision Documents appears as PDF files, click one at a time each PDF to view the documents. These documents are the Subdivision map and improvement plans. The map pages show property line information and the plan pages show improvements in relation to property lines. The lay person should be able to find the property in question and inspect the property line dimensions. If any questions arise, the Engineering Department staff may be consulted for help in interpreting the documents. The Engineering Department staff can only help with interpreting the map and plan information, they cannot give advise as to property line locations. If there is a property line dispute a California Registered Professional Land Surveyor is the only person authorized by the state to locate property lines.